A Guide to Reseller Hosting


Have you ever hear of reseller hosting? Would you want to know what it is? Well you have come to the right place since this article will be talking about reseller hosting and a few important details about it. Reseller hosting is a actually a form of web hosting such as fast wordpress hosting. It is web hosting where the owner of the account is with the capability to utilize a hard drive space and bandwidth allocated for hosting websites for and on behalf of other parties.

Wholesale services are purchased by the reseller and is thereafter sold to customers either for profit or non profit. The reseller allocated a portion of the hard drive purchased including the space and bandwidth to his own account. A dedicated server from a hosting company or shared hosting services may be rented by the reseller.

When a reseller rents, he or she will be allowed to sell a specific amount of space and bandwidth to his or her own customer. The reseller can do this without the need of renting a server through a web hosting company. Web design firms, web developers, and system integrators offering add on web hosting services are those common web hosting resellers. Web hosting business people makes use of reseller hosting as a way to start up their company with minimal cost.

To be able to create one’s own plans of service and choose one’s own structure of prices is the service and product offered by most web hosting resellers in the market. Most of the time, customized control panels and servers are through which web hosting resellers are able to secure their own branding. The relationship between a wholesaler and a retailer actually resembles that of the best web hosting¬†reseller and buyer. Space is leased out by the web hosting company, also known as the wholesaler, to a reseller who are retailers.A reseller’s leased space may be distributed depending on the reseller’s price and preference. The reseller can distribute and price the space they’ve leased for however much bandwidth, disk-space, and price that they want.

Extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting is not required when you are in a reseller hosting business.The tasks of maintaining the network infrastructure, hardware maintenance, configurations, securities, and server updates are done by the data center operator. The main role of a web hosting reseller is to get customers. All the technical aspect of troubleshooting usually lands on the hands of the service provider from whom the web hosting reseller rented the space from.


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